Information for Bristol Youth Orchestra 
Really Classical's Chamber and Orchestral training day
St George's Bristol
22 January 2017

If you are a musician with Bristol Youth Orchestra, you are invited to our orchestral training session exploring Haydn's last Symphony Op. 104 "London". This is tied to your orchestral session in December 2016 with musicians from London Symphony Orchestra on the same symphony.

On 22nd January 2017 you will play in the beautiful acoustics of St George's Bristol alongside highly experienced professional musicians from Really Classical, and some especially talented students from Bristol University, and discover why we think that historical performance is vital, inspiring and refreshing.

You will meet some old instruments with gut strings, fewer keys and very different sounds from their modern versions, and discover some new ways to bring old music to life.

10:30-1:30 open chamber music workshops: now open to BYO and Pre-Con musicians (See below.)
2:30-5:30 open orchestral rehearsal: Haydn Symphony Op. 104 "London"
6:30 informal concert performance

Friends and parents can find more information about tickets on the St George's website here.

Participation in chamber workshops (10:30-1:30, concert 6:30)
The morning chamber music workshops are now open to members of Bristol Youth Orchestra and Bristol Pre-Con. Priority is given to particularly accomplished young musicians, and spaces are limited. You will be playing Classical chamber music with professional historical performance specialists. No prior historical performance experience is needed.

To apply, please email Really Classical Artistic Director Jonathan Rees at, with the following information:
a.) musician name and instrument
b.) short biography / experience (incl. grades)
c.) particular repertoire choices (e.g. a movement from a classical sonata already prepared, whether you would like to play music by a particular Classical composer)

Deadline: Sunday 15 January 2017

​​Participation in orchestral session (2:30-5:30, concert 6:30)
This is organised through BYO's conductor Eiron Bailey or through Jonathan James of Bristol Pre-Con. Please contact them for more information.

Other questions?
Email Really Classical's Artistic Director Jonathan Rees: