We're determined to make what we do as inclusive as possible, and that's the main reason for organising a festival with a format that lets you experience excellent Classical music in an environment relaxed enough to allow anyone who's interested in our music to feel welcome.

Furthermore, under the name Really Classical we have been pursuing additional outreach and education work in Bristol and London for the last three years with the organisations listed below.

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors who have given so generously to fund these projects.
If you are able to help in any way with funding these, please get in contact by emailing

Over 2014 and 2015 we have raised almost £4000 for The Camden Society's Great Escape camping week for people with disabilities.

This year we are doing an extended project when some Really Classical musicians will team up with Camden Society musicians and singer-guitarist Andy Walpole to share each other's music. We will also have an art and music session making artwork inspired by Classical pieces. More details on our performance of what we've made coming soon!

Last May we gave a concert for The Gate, the arts centre attached to Yarrow Housing, a west London organisation looking after people with learning disabilities.

We are also planning a large project for January 2017 which will involve Really Classical musicians making some songs with musicians from The Gate, as well as a session making art inspired by Classical music. We will record what we have made in a Hackney studio to make a music video. Click here to see a clip from a trial session at The Gate early in 2016.
This May we gave a workshop for GCSE music students from Bolingbroke Academy, a school in Wandsworth. 

We'll played a selection of Classical pieces, discussed different types of composition (concertos, sonatas, symphonies), talked about Classical harmony, and put all the music firmly in the historical context of a time marked by the French revolution and Napoleonic wars.

Details are currently being finalised for additional projects and new partnerships 2017. These will be announced very soon.