We’re trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Here’s what we've done so far:

​We fed all the food waste to some worms.

We have recycling bins clearly marked (glass, food, plastics, cardboard) for audience use.

All new purchases of disposable cutlery / kitchenware are Vegware - fully compostable. Thanks Vegware for your support!

And for this year:

We've booked a Co-Wheels car for our motoring needs.

We're prioritising e-advertising (and word of mouth!) to cut down on paper waste.

We've sorted bike racks so you don't need the stress of not being able to park outside the music club.
You can use those in front of Alder King, Pembroke House, 15 Pembroke Rd, Bristol BS8 3BA. Thanks Alder King!

We also have a seed station for planting next year's greenery using previous years' compost.

We're also looking for environmentally and ethically-minded sponsors from the Bristol area. Can you help?