Escape from Eszterháza

Digging a tunnel wasn't enough.

THE original Classical escape story, retold by Jon Rees in an interactive show in music and words for children aged c. 6-12 and the young in spirit.

Starring Really Classical musicians as Papa Haydn and his musical accomplices,
with special effects and some of the story-line provided by YOU, THE AUDIENCE.

Music by Joseph Haydn himself (The Farewell Symphony, Op. 45).

When ​​​Joseph “Papa” Haydn and his band of musical mates get imprisoned by mad Prince Esterházy in a remote castle surrounded by an endless mosquito-infested swamp, they become desperate to escape. Whilst the Prince makes them play music for him every day, all day, as he tries to take his mind of the stifling heat and the itchy mosquito bites, Papa Haydn and his accomplices realise it’ll take more than just digging a hole under the wall to get back home to their families.
They'll have to come up with an even more incredible plan, as subtle and clever as it is beautiful …

(Based on true events.)